Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career coaching at Plum

Have you decided that it’s time to be more intentional in planning your career?

Are you struggling with how to find a career that feels right to you?

Would you like to combine your personal passion with your next job?

Do you want to take your career or your life to the next level?

Plum’s Career Transition Coaches are not only certified coaches, they are highly-experienced corporate professionals. They’ve been in the trenches and know what challenges you have in front of you.

They are also compassionate. So if you’re seeking thoughtful, impactful coaching but want someone who understands your struggles, we’ve got you covered.

What to expect from working with a Plum Coach:

  • Personalized one-on-one developmental support for the duration of our coaching relationship.
  • Initial assessment exercises aimed at raising self-awareness as well as topical material found to be relevant during the course of our coaching relationship.
  • Help you clarify life/career meaning and purpose – as well as more specific short and medium term goals.
  • Provide alternative perspectives and stimulating a process of creative thinking aimed at effectively dealing with life and career challenges, dilemmas and concerns.
  • Act as a confidential, impartial and non-judgmental sounding board.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to learn through a process of observing yourself from another’s perspective, practicing different ways of behaving and reflecting on changes made.

Our objective is to move you forward – whether that is in your professional or personal life.

It really is amazing what sorts of things are being drawn out as part of this process/conversation! I really feel I'm reaching this turning point where I see the full depth of my motivations and passions, and as a result I'm feeling more excited about life than ever before, I’m connecting dots that have seemed disparate in the past.

Thomas / University of Washington Graduate