Corporate Outplacement Services

Corporate Outplacement Services

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Relo Hero

As a staffing or hiring manager, you made a significant investment of time and money when you made that key hire.

Sourcing, hiring and relocating candidates is challenging and when a “trailing” spouse or partner is part of the equation, there is added complexity. You do your best to assist and support a spouse/partner through a job search but it is difficult to be a resource with so much on your plate.

Plum is here to help you.

In addition to Trailing Spouse/Partner support services, we also work with organizations on their outplacement efforts. We have the knowledge and compassion to assist any employee at any level.

Let us make you a hero.

Trailing Spouse/Partner services include:

  • Job search coaching
  • Community & professional connections
  • Resume writing – editing
  • Interview coaching
  • Social networking strategies
  • Plum coaches have worked and lived in the Puget Sound area for 20+ years and have years of corporate staffing experience.
Lora helped me to craft a succinct pitch and a story, working with me to build a US-style resume so that my experiences would translate. She also supplied me with definite tactics and tools to use to help me get that pitch out there (ways to make the most of LinkedIn, for example). She gave me a thorough grounding in the etiquette and strategy for networking and making business connections in the US. I cannot emphasize how much of a bewildering culture gap this would have been for me without her assistance -- and how likely it is that I would have made a huge faux pas at some point. 
Lora's advice and ideas have proved invaluable. My job search is ongoing, but I feel entirely confident, grounded and optimistic for the future. My only regret is not having contacted her sooner after our arrival.

Ruth / UK and Seattle, WA