Fake It… Until You Make It

This post is written by Plum Transition Coach, Kelly Peterson. Kelly’s impressive background includes years with premiere employers Nike, Adidas and Converse. Kelly’s bio appears on our About Us page. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by Kelly’s suggestions. Lora

Confidence is often the deciding factor in whether you make the sale, get the date, nab the promotion, or get the job. It isn’t to be confused with arrogance or pride, but rather it is an innate way to hold yourself and use your words and actions to convey that you understand your value. Confidence means sticking up for yourself, setting boundaries, delivering on your commitments, and knowing your worth.

Since confidence is so important to achieving your goals, here are the top 5 ways to show confidence and ultimately live it every day:

1. Presentation is everything.

In order to feel your best, you need to look your best. Wear a color that makes you feel powerful (my power color is yellow) and choose clothes that project the person and position that you aspire for. When you walk out into the world feeling good about your presentation, you will notice you acquire a certain swagger. Speaking of swagger, walk faster, sit taller; keep your shoulders back, simple adjustments in posture will increase your feelings of confidence and power by nearly 25%.

2. In it to win it.

Visualize yourself achieving your goal, imagine how it will look, how it feels, what you might say to others about it. Allow this to become the reality. From CEO’s to politicians to athletes, the greats use this trick to separate themselves from someone who WANTS to achieve, to someone who KNOWS they will achieve.

3. Know Before you go.

When you know your audience, topic or business environment, you can speak with authority about the things that matter. Listen closely in all interactions, people will tell you what they value and ultimately what they are looking for. Once you artfully listen, have an opinion, read relevant materials, discuss with others of authority, but know what YOUR unique perspective is.

4. Preparation is King.

In line with our prior point, you must prepare. Write down your thoughts, practice saying them out loud until they come out smoothly. If you can’t say it out loud without your voice shaking, you shouldn’t be saying it. Take time to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and speak words of encouragement (not that pesky little voice that likes to criticize ourselves), find the one we save to boost our friends or partners when they need it.

5. Give to Receive.

When you give, it comes back to you tenfold. Tell someone they look nice, smile at the next 10 people you pass on the sidewalk, buy a coffee for the person behind you in line. Whether you believe in karma or not, giving to others will open up a pathway for them to give positive energy back to you. You will be amazed at how confident you feel when you experience the power you can have simply by being YOU.

And if all else fails, lighten up, ROCK OUT to your favorite tunes, air drum, sing like a rock star, and let that inner star shine!