Senior Leadership Job Search: Managing Expectations

90% of the clients that I coach begin their initial call this way: “I have never had to look for a job before. A former colleague has always hired me or I have been recruited by an organization. I am not at all familiar with how to look for a job, especially in this day…

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Fake It… Until You Make It

Corporate services at Plum

This post is written by Plum Transition Coach, Kelly Peterson. Kelly’s impressive background includes years with premiere employers Nike, Adidas and Converse. Kelly’s bio appears on our About Us page. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by Kelly’s suggestions. Lora Confidence is often the deciding factor in whether you make the sale, get the date, nab…

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Why Former Microsoft Employees Struggle with the Job Search

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I’ve been there. In 2009, I was laid off from a Diversity Manager role at Microsoft and after more than 13 years, I found myself wondering: What next? It was confidence-crushing and on my way home from cleaning out my desk in Building 36, I stopped by my friend Michelle’s and cried on her shoulder.…

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